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The inaugural race for the rebuilt Z51 resulted in a fine finish despite some mechanical issues.

Even getting there wasn't without tribulation. Running late for tech, cooling system repairs to the RV had to be done on the move. Curt is in the engine bay while Timon holds the bed up and Rick is at the wheel driving at 65+mph on the freeway!

All's well that ends well, tech passed, and in our pit garage.

And we're racing

After the fuel lines got clogged with silicon, we had to drain the tank and flush the fuel lines.

Homeward bound

After the race, tehre was some repair work to be done and famously, Chuck, when looking at the door was asked "what you doing Chuck?"

"I'm looking to see where the trouble started" replied Chuck. Curt quickly responded "The trouble started when Rick came back from breakfast one morning and said "I found this English guy!"

Repairs were made, some cooling mods and we were ready to roll again