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As with any "project", the work is never done and after our initial failures we learnt the car's weaknesses and addressed them accordingly.

First off was the cooling issue and that meant some serious modifications, including a larger double flow radiator which required some bodywork adjustment to fit and increase air flow. This was combined with a desert off road surge tank system to enhance cooling even further. And just for good measure we installed an oil cooler under the front right headlight cover.

Next up was the stock standard 944 transmission failure, easily solved with a Turbo Tranmission, again with oil cooling to keep everything running smoothly.

And thereafter, just to ensure everything lined up perfectly on the factory fittings, we modified the coupling, extending it by the appropriate amount to avoid any further destruction of the thrust converter.

Our fuel leakage issue was resolved with a new tank, aftert Rick's misadventure fitting the cool suit tank resulted in half a dozen or more unrequired vent holes in the top of the tank. We alos removed all teh factory venting from the filler tube and installed out own custom system.

After that it was plain sailing, with just small enhancements to various elements, throttle linkage which had rattled itself loose, steering wheels which we just keep breaking! And time for a new paint job combined with a front splitter!

More to follow, undoubtedly.