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Early days in the development always resulted in early baths. Our first race was at one of our favorite tracks, Sonoma Raceway.

Our main issues at Sonoma were driveshafts. We had bought brand new OEM parts, VW/BMW, but not Porsche and these failed within just a few laps. Our only option was to replace them with the genuine Porsche items and luckily the team next door, running a Porsche 944 Turbo had some spare. The nexy biggest issue was black flags and finally seat belt adjustment and we called it a day early with some good testing under our belts. SEE PHOTOS FROM THE RACE HERE

The next race was closer to home, at Inde Motorsports Park, Wilcox AZ - our "local" race, in the hot dry desert and we paid the price. After just a couple of runs, the engine overheated, terminally and it was an early bath again. Modifications were required.


It was nearly a year later when we returned to Willcox, after a brief TV appearance ...

With more efficient cooling the car ran well and quick too. It was on day two that the stock 944 transmission gave up, with the main pinion completely disintegrated.

It was time for more modficiations and an upgrade to the Turbo Transmission, before we set of to Button Willow which doesn't even feature as an early bath as the car didn't make it through the warm up laps. The measurements had been wrong again on the torque tube and we destroyed another thrust converter. More repairs and more modifications to sensure this never happened again. And so endeth the early baths, we finally got it all locked down and solid.